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Nova Lounge Chair In Moss PU

Featuring a unique modern design, the Nova lounge chair is an excellent addition to your media room or lounge and helps add an element of glamour and extravagance to an otherwise subdued decor style.This elegant and sophisticated chair has a frame made of high-quality metal to ensure that it lasts for years to come. Upholstered in a durable polyurethane faux leatherette which is tough and maintenance free.

Additional information

Size millimeters: LxDxH

670 x 960 x 830

Size inches: LxDxH

26.38 x 37.8 x 32.68

KG: / LBS:

31 / 68.34


0.58 / 20.59

# Boxes:





Upholstered in a very durable polurethane fabric

*Elite Design reserves the right to make minor changes to specifications, materials and design and to discontinue items without prior notice. Due to the variations in the colour of wood in its raw state, wood finishes may have small variations in colour.

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